I'm Lakshmi

a programmer

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I am a Sophmore in High School and a Coder. I love puppies and reading books. I love doing hackathons, I also won a couple of hackathons.

My Skills.

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One of my skills is Coding. I first learned to code in 7th grade summer, before going to 8th grade. I know HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, and Python. I am currently doing a bootcamp course to improve my web creating skills.

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Another skill that I have is languages. I know upto 5 languages, I am not perfect but I can speak these 4 languages. I know Telugu, English, Kannada, and Spanish. I am currently learning Spanish and Hindi.

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Love learning new languages?

Do you love learning new languages as much as I do? Let's learn new languages and get to know how amazing that languge is! We can code and learn a new languages.

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